Pacific ocean

The largest ocean planet is located between the five continents: in the West it is limited Eurasia, Malay archipelago and Australia in the East, North and South America, in the South – Antarctica.
Its Northern border runs through the Bering Strait on the line from Peninsula, Chukotka until Peninsula Seward Alaska and distinguishes between possession with the Arctic ocean.
The boundary with the Atlantic ocean runs from Cape horn in South America through the Drake passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica. Water border with the Indian ocean the most conventional. Considered to be her running from the southern tip of the Indochinese Peninsula through the Islands of Sumatra, Java, New Guinea to the Northern tip of Australia and on the southern tip of Australia, through Tasmania along a Meridian to Antarctica.

However, the watershed between the Pacific and Indian oceans disputes between scientists-geographers arise in our days. However, we will adhere to the above boundaries.

Full map of the Pacific ocean you can see here.


The Pacific ocean can be called the best.
First, it is the largest ocean of the world. Its area (together with the seas) is 179679 thousand sq. km, which is almost two times larger than the area of the Atlantic ocean.
Pacific ocean – the deepest ocean. Its average depth is about 4000 m, and the maximum – 11022 m (Mariana trench, laying along the Philippine sea). This is the deepest place on the planet. However, there are still a few basins, depth of which exceeds 10 km It Is the Philippine trench (the Philippine Islands), Gradec, Tonga (near the sea Fiji).
In the Pacific the largest number of Islands – about 10 thousand. In the Pacific the most difficult topography, especially in the North and West, where many of the valleys, ridges, hills and hollows.
The longest underwater ridge of the ocean is on the East and South is the East Pacific rise, breaking down in the South Pacific ridge. This underwater ridge divides the Pacific ocean into two asymmetric parts – the vast Western dominated by warm currents, and small East dominated by the cold Peruvian current.

Pacific ocean
The Pacific ocean and the warmest of all the oceans. This statement is based on the fact that a large part of the area of the Pacific is located in warm climatic zones, so the average temperature of the ocean surface waters (+19, 37 degrees C) at 2 degrees C higher than in the Atlantic and Indian ocean. The Arctic ocean in the contest, for obvious reasons, is not involved.

Almost all the seas of the Pacific ocean located on the Northern and Western suburbs – near the coast of Asia, Australia, the Malay archipelago. In the East of the ocean there is no large Islands, nor penetrating deep into the land of bays – coastline smooth. Except for Gulf of California – semi-enclosed sea of the Pacific ocean. Near the shores of Antarctica is the only southern marginal sea of the ocean – the Ross sea.

Flora and fauna of the Pacific ocean incredibly rich and diverse. The number of species and the total number of individuals of this ocean superior to other oceans of the planet. Here, as in all the oceans, the laws of propagation of wildlife in climatic zones. In cold and temperate species diversity poorer, while the number of individuals of each species of animals or plants more. For example: in cool the Bering sea, there are only about 50 species of coastal algae, and in the warm waters of the Malay archipelago – more than 800 species. However, the total mass of all algae in the Bering sea is much greater than the mass of those in the waters near the Malay archipelago. The reasons for this pattern described in the article about the Atlantic ocean.

Extremely diverse fauna of the Pacific has about 100 tiseo animals, including about 3,800 species of fish. Researched and many depths of the ocean. Scientists have identified about 200 species of animals, living in the depth of 7,000 meters, including 20 species of living deeper 10000 meters Pacific ocean provides humanity with almost half of the world’s catch of seafood. Commercial fish are the same as in the Atlantic, however, there are those who are only here, far Eastern salmon, saury). Among commercial mollusks, oysters, mussels, scallops, squid, among crustaceans – Kamchatka crab. lobster. Extract of marine mammals (seals)and algae (laminaria).

The majority of animal and plant species living here are also present in the Atlantic and Indian ocean. But there are species of the area only in some areas and seas of the Pacific ocean.

Life in the open ocean and deep inside similar to the one described in the article on the Atlantic ocean. The distribution of living organisms in these areas of the ocean is subject to the same laws. Away from the coast population density water living organisms regulates the phytoplankton, the presence of which is the main reason for the increase in the number of other animals – zooplankton, small fish and invertebrates, fish and predators, mammals.
lemon shark In the depths of life presents a huge variety of species with a low number of individuals. Animals that live here, are unusual shapes and structure of the body, often equipped with fluorescamine bodies, radiating light in complete darkness of the abyss as a result of chemical reactions. Such weapons nature has provided for many inhabitants and serves stool production and deter enemies.

Sharks living in the open waters of the Pacific ocean meet, also, in both the Indian and the Atlantic ocean. This is, first of all, pelagic species such as blue, dinoplaneta oceanic, Mako, some species of grey and hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, thresher shark, etc. In some coastal (marginal) seas ocean live and unique living only those species of sharks.

An enumeration of all species of flora and fauna, considering the Pacific ocean their home, is beyond the scope of this page. However, a more detailed description of species composition of sharks that live in a particular sea, owned by Pacific basin, I will try to bring forth.

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