Interesting facts about the Atlantic ocean

The most interesting facts about the Atlantic ocean:

1. The Atlantic ocean is the second largest ocean of the world after the Pacific ocean.

2. Interesting fact about the Atlantic ocean – is that its present name comes from the name of titanium – Atlanta, hero of Greek mythology, which is held on their shoulders the sky. Earlier this ocean was called West. The first Explorer to cross the Atlantic, was Columbus.

3. Atlantis continent, according to a legend existed in ancient times on the territory of the Atlantic ocean. According to legend, in the result of changes on the planet, he went under water together with all residents. Officially Atlantis is invented by Plato as a way of evil men.

4. One of the most beautiful attractions of the Atlantic ocean – a huge underwater hole, which is located in the centre of the Atoll Belize barrier reef and is a great spectacle for all who saw her. The name she was given a severe border of dark and bright water. It seems that the depth in the centre of the bowl many kilometers, but in fact it is about 120 m

5. The Atlantic ocean has always attracted travelers and researchers. One of these brave souls is Jonathan Trapp, which is soon going to overcome 4020 km alone, hanging on a bunch of 370 balloons filled with helium. The flight across the Atlantic is calling for travellers in the air for decades. Five others died trying to make such an attempt, and no one crossed the Atlantic, hang on to a bunch of balloons.

6. Interestingly, according to researchers, the number of ocean water in the Atlantic ocean approximately equal to the amount of water in the ice of Antarctica.

7. In the North Atlantic is the largest on the planet island of Greenland. The most distant island on Earth is also located in the Atlantic ocean. It Bouvet island, Cape of Good Hope is shared by 1,600 km

8. In the Atlantic ocean is the sea that do not have land borders, – the Sargasso. Its borders outline the only ocean currents.

9. The Bermuda triangle, which is connected to many mysteries and legends disappearances of ships and vessels, located in the Atlantic ocean.

10. According to some scientists, the Atlantic ocean rapidly process of aging and may soon disappear from the face of the Earth. A group of researchers from Australia found on the bottom of the ocean quickly emerging subduction zone. Usually, they are a sign of “aging”. Scientists do not exclude that in their education guilty for a long time already “dying” Mediterranean sea. It seems rather surprising – after all, according to the conventional view, this water body is young enough.

Usually new oceans born when the continents are torn apart, and of the faults of the pouring out of hot magma, which hardens and turns into the oceanic crust. Thus was born the Atlantic ocean, when in the Mesozoic era supercontinent Pangaea has split up into the southern continent of Gondwana and the Northern – Laurasia. Conversely, the older the oceans are dying in the period when continents collide, and the oceanic crust under their pressure diving back into the mantle. Thus disappeared above Tethys – Africa and India approached Eurasia, not leaving a place water pool, first between these continents.

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