The clearest waters on the planet.

Were not translated on our planet corners, where he remained crystal clear waters. Today about some of them, especially for those who like to swim and dive with an aqualung. On photo – Suu trench, Samoa.

Philippine sea is the largest and the deepest in the world (it is Mariinsky depression). On top of it and striking landscapes of the Islands, of which there are more than 7,000, and its crystal clarity. Here, for example, near the island Linapacan.

The Maldives is one of the best places in the world for diving. Here there is a deserted island, a huge number of coral reefs and countless diversity of marine life, and, of course, crystal clear water, under the water is excellent visibility, up to 50 metres. It is not surprising that divers back in the 70-ies of the first chosen this area.

As so, I think, two small Malaysian girls made their boat to levitate above the ground? Then I looked, and it turns out to sea near the coast of Sabah! Sabah is located in Malaysia, in the northeast of the island of Borneo. Since ancient times it has retained the name “land below the wind”, as it is located below the zone of typhoons. Besides its sandy beaches protected from the waves of the sea coral Islands, framing coast during 1440 km In connection with these natural conditions, water near the coast of Sabah have unshakable calm and amazing clarity.

Puerto Ayora is a port town on the island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos – manages to be not only a port city, but also one of the most luxurious sea resorts. It has everything you need: white yachts, cargo ships with bananas, promenade with palm trees, mulattos, sea lions, lazily lounging right at the docks. Charles Darwin, by the way, looks at you with every other signs tour Desk or diving centre, because it was here that he discovered the theory of evolution. But attracts people there, of course, more is not Charles, and the beautiful blue sea that washes the coast.

The island of Phi Phi island like divers, the newlyweds and all the rest, not only because of a funny name. And yet due to the white beaches and the peaceful, secluded nature of the holiday. The biggest Islands of the archipelago – Phi Lei and Phi Phi don, which you see in the photo.

New Zealand is one of the most ecologically clean places in the world. Waters in it fully comply with this peculiarity is pure and clean as a tear baby. Legendary Blue and Green lakes are separated only by a small neck, but nevertheless quite similar. Blue lake is a popular place for recreation, green same sacred and forbidden, and this status is respected not only the natives, but also Europeans.

In the heart of the Spa district of Berchtesgadener Lund in the South-East of Germany is situated the town of Schonau, which can be translated as “beautiful valley”. In this valley is beautiful Konigsee lake. It is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The beauty of his emerald green waters and unique picturesque banks create the guests unusual, fantastic mood.

The Greek island of Corfu is called the “emerald”: he is very green, famous for its olive and orange groves, cypress forests and lemon groves. And, of course, unprecedented transparency it is washed by the sea.

From Panama and to the Colombian border stretches famous island of the archipelago of San-Blazy. All of his three hundred seventy-eight Islands washed by the clear Caribbean sea.

Cala Macarella, Mallorca, Spain. Comments are unnecessary when the photo is visible at the bottom lost someone chain.

Chinese Jiuzhaigou valley contains five cleanest lakes. Swan Lake (which evoke associations with Tchaikovsky’s ballet), Herbal Lake (its purity is difficult to assess because of vegetation that covers the surface of the Lake and Waterfalls Pandas (dichroic lake with three level of cascading waterfalls, Lake Five Flowers (here, not two, but five colors of water), Mirror lake (absolutely quiet lake, reflects the beauty of the surrounding nature).

The Jenny lake, Wyoming, USA . Around it there are a few hotels and campgrounds. In surface waters are reflected the wonderful mountain landscape and wild nature of America.

Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine lake in the United States. In the summer it collects lovers of swimming and water sports, and in the winter turns into a snow Paradise. Tahoe is located on the border of Nevada and California. The Indians, who had always lived here, called this land as “Yes HOU yeah”, translated as “on the edge of the world”. Well, later on, “white men” was shortened it to “Yes HOU”, and then to Tahoe.
Emerald Bay, located on the Western Shore Tahoe is one of the most photographed places in the world.

Primosten is one of the most picturesque resorts of Croatia, located in the Northern part of Dalmatia. Here you can wander through the narrow streets of the old city, to taste the famous wines of the region and splash in the purest sea water.

The St. George is located in the North-Eastern part of the island, on the Bank of the same name as the harbour. Earlier, he was the capital of Bermuda. Most of the buildings in the city were built in the XVII – XIX centuries, the authorities are trying to save the city intact. Needless to say that pristine and ecologically clean remain and the waters surrounding the island.

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island of Cuba. It is located in the Atlantic ocean and is connected to the main island 20 km long road passing by the sea. This artificial embankment passes through the Gulf of Dogs. There are also many birds, including pelicans, flamingos and white bird “Coco”, after whom the island and named (by the way, we call it the IBIS). One of the most beautiful beaches Coco is called “the Flamingo Beach”. This bird was on the verge of extinction in the 70-ies, and then another, and was praised by Alyona Sviridova. Now flocks of flamingos fly pink clouds over the mirror waters and trying to forget the past, captivated by this beauty.

The clearest waters on the planet.
Were not translated on our planet corners, where he remained crystal clear waters. Today about some of them, especially for those who like to swim and dive with an aqualung. On photo - Suu trench,…


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