Fish-moon, fish, sun, fish-head.

Fish-moon, fish, sun, fish-head - all the names of one pelagic fish, family loewenich, or the moon-fish (Molidae). In this family includes five types moon-fish, the most common of them view - Mola Mola.
Fish - the moon is the largest of modern bony fish, adult which on average is about 3 m in length and 150 kg in mass. In the Guinness book of world records recorded data about fish caught in 1908, near Sydney, the length of her torso was 4.26 m, and the weight 2235 kg

Although there is evidence that in the Atlantic ocean, near the coast of the USA (new Hampshire), was slowlen instance by a 5.5 m, the mass of which remained uncommitted.

The habitat of fish-moon tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of the world ocean. However, to spawn this fish-the sun is sent only in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Some adult fish may include warm currents and to penetrate in lukewarm water.

In the waters of the Atlantic ocean, the fish can be seen near Newfoundland, Iceland, UK, in the Baltic sea and along the coast of Norway and the Kola Peninsula. You can also meet this fish in the sea of Japan and the Kuril Islands.

Fish - moon amazes with its unusual appearance. Her body squeezed from both sides, it is very tall and short. If you look at the fish in the profile, it seems that it is round and reminds the disk of the full moon, and Anfas fish more like a millstone mill. As if to look at this giant, he recalled the well-known us fish flounder. Thanks to this appearance of this fish and received its name (the moon, the sun, head). Continue reading

Interesting facts about the Atlantic ocean

The most interesting facts about the Atlantic ocean:

1. The Atlantic ocean is the second largest ocean of the world after the Pacific ocean.

2. Interesting fact about the Atlantic ocean - is that its present name comes from the name of titanium - Atlanta, hero of Greek mythology, which is held on their shoulders the sky. Earlier this ocean was called West. The first Explorer to cross the Atlantic, was Columbus.

3. Atlantis continent, according to a legend existed in ancient times on the territory of the Atlantic ocean. According to legend, in the result of changes on the planet, he went under water together with all residents. Officially Atlantis is invented by Plato as a way of evil men.

4. One of the most beautiful attractions of the Atlantic ocean - a huge underwater hole, which is located in the centre of the Atoll Belize barrier reef and is a great spectacle for all who saw her. The name she was given a severe border of dark and bright water. It seems that the depth in the centre of the bowl many kilometers, but in fact it is about 120 m Continue reading

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