The clearest waters on the planet.

Were not translated on our planet corners, where he remained crystal clear waters. Today about some of them, especially for those who like to swim and dive with an aqualung. On photo – Suu trench, Samoa.

Philippine sea is the largest and the deepest in the world (it is Mariinsky depression). On top of it and striking landscapes of the Islands, of which there are more than 7,000, and its crystal clarity. Here, for example, near the island Linapacan.

The Maldives is one of the best places in the world for diving. Here there is a deserted island, a huge number of coral reefs and countless diversity of marine life, and, of course, crystal clear water, under the water is excellent visibility, up to 50 metres. It is not surprising that divers back in the 70-ies of the first chosen this area.

As so, I think, two small Malaysian girls made their boat to levitate above the ground? Then I looked, and it turns out to sea near the coast of Sabah! Sabah is located in Malaysia, in the northeast of the island of Borneo. Since ancient times it has retained the name “land below the wind”, as it is located below the zone of typhoons. Besides its sandy beaches protected from the waves of the sea coral Islands, framing coast during 1440 km In connection with these natural conditions, water near the coast of Sabah have unshakable calm and amazing clarity. Continue reading

Pacific ocean

The largest ocean planet is located between the five continents: in the West it is limited Eurasia, Malay archipelago and Australia in the East, North and South America, in the South – Antarctica.
Its Northern border runs through the Bering Strait on the line from Peninsula, Chukotka until Peninsula Seward Alaska and distinguishes between possession with the Arctic ocean.
The boundary with the Atlantic ocean runs from Cape horn in South America through the Drake passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica. Water border with the Indian ocean the most conventional. Considered to be her running from the southern tip of the Indochinese Peninsula through the Islands of Sumatra, Java, New Guinea to the Northern tip of Australia and on the southern tip of Australia, through Tasmania along a Meridian to Antarctica.

However, the watershed between the Pacific and Indian oceans disputes between scientists-geographers arise in our days. However, we will adhere to the above boundaries.

Full map of the Pacific ocean you can see here. Continue reading

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