Atlantic Ocean

The clearest waters on the planet.

Were not translated on our planet corners, where he remained crystal clear waters. Today about some of them, especially for those who like to swim and dive with an aqualung. On photo - Suu trench, Samoa.

Philippine sea is the largest and the deepest in the world (it is Mariinsky depression). On top of it and striking landscapes of the Islands, of which there are more than 7,000, and its crystal clarity. Here, for example, near the island Linapacan.

The Maldives is one of the best places in the world for diving. Here there is a deserted island, a huge number of coral reefs and countless diversity of marine life, and, of course, crystal clear water, under the water is excellent visibility, up to 50 metres. It is not surprising that divers back in the 70-ies of the first chosen this area.

As so, I think, two small Malaysian girls made their boat to levitate above the ground? Then I looked, and it turns out to sea near the coast of Sabah! Sabah is located in Malaysia, in the northeast of the island of Borneo. Since ancient times it has retained the name "land below the wind", as it is located below the zone of typhoons. Besides its sandy beaches protected from the waves of the sea coral Islands, framing coast during 1440 km In connection with these natural conditions, water near the coast of Sabah have unshakable calm and amazing clarity. Continue reading

Across the Atlantic – to scratch

Earlier he has already managed to win over the ocean element using the constructed models underwater bike, saw the light after years of observing dolphins. Form bike Lunacet Monofin, where Ted crossed 200 miles of ocean, doubling the speed Olympic Champions, strikingly similar to the tail of the most intelligent and good-natured marine mammal.

In order to conquer a whole ocean, Ted had to deal with the construction of unique submarines, which will be operated by a foot pedal drive. And if anyone doubts the success of the planned enterprise, it is not Ted Camillo, deliberate on your scratch to overcome 3700 kilometers of oceanic expanses of 50 days, starting on the Western coast of Africa and finish the journey on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

Five-meter construction, representing an enhanced version of monoplane and consisting of steel, polycarbonate, and alloy of titanium and aluminium, will not filled the air and water, therefore, travelers will have to use scuba wetsuit. Ted plans in the day to swim under water, immersed to a depth of two meters, and in the night "float" in order to sleep. To protect themselves from possible bad weather will help awning, which in the case of fair wind will serve the traveler sail. If the weather turns into a lingering storm, the inventor of the intention to wait for him under the water. Continue reading

The cradle of life at the bottom of the Atlantic

Specialists Oceanographic school at the University of Washington in Seattle (School of Oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle , USA, have discovered the source of the abiotic (non-organic) synthesis of hydrocarbons in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, reported ScienceDaily. Biotic (organic) hydrocarbons, including the components of oil and gas reservoirs, are formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. This time the analysis excluded the variant of organic origin. The report on the results of work of scientists published in the journal Science. According to experts, in open their source of hydrocarbons are born as a result of simple chemical interaction of water with rocks. The source is in the middle between America and Africa, the North Atlantic ridge at a depth of 800 m in hydrothermal field, which is called the "Lost city". It was opened in 2000 and received its name in Association with the name of the mountain massif "Atlantida" (Atlantis), on which it is located. Continue reading

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